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70% of 45-54 year olds aspire to have a home that is energy efficient and over a third aspire to have underfloor heating.* 

Underfloor heating offers a potential income stream and a USP to the building trade along with a way to enhance levels of customer satisfaction.

Despite the many benefits provided by underfloor heating, misconceptions still exist amongst plumbers, architects, and other influential parties.  Out-of-date or just false opinions are causing some to be wary of UFH even when it’s their customer’s first choice.  This can result in the loss of business or at the least, a disillusioned client.  In truth, there are very few situations where UFH can’t be easily installed and where it won’t provide decades of service and wellbeing for users.

See the FAQs below or consult our growing range of guides for further information.  The list of BEAMA Underfloor members shows the products and services they provide and all our manufacturers have further detailed information on their websites.

Installer FAQs

Is warm water UFH suitable for new build and renovations?

Yes. You can install warm water UFH in a wide range of projects, from new-builds to renovations and even single rooms. Most retrofit systems are simply lid on top of the existing floor, so there is no need to excavate. An experienced supplier will always be able to help you choose the right system for the project.

Do I need an UFH system design? Why?

It’s always worthwhile seeking a supplier than can provide you with an UFH design for each project. By having a design drawn up, you and your customer can be completely confident that it will effectively heat the property. Design drawings also make the system easier to install, as you can see exactly where every component should be located, removing the need for any guesswork.

Is it easy to install?

Yes, UFH is simple to install, particularly when you are working with a fully designed system as you will have detailed drawings to follow. There are just a few key components to get familiar with and a good supplier will provide you with illustrated installation and set-up instructions to make the whole process straightforward.

Do I need training?

No, there is no need for any training to install UFH. However, many suppliers do offer training courses to give you a hands-on look at the systems on offer and their benefits. This can be worthwhile if you are new to UFH and would like to see how each system is installed. 

What are the benefits of UFH for my customer?

The lifestyle benefits are often the main reason for a homeowner investigating UFH in the first place. Benefits of UFH include:

  • Improved efficiency – UFH is around 25% more efficient than radiators, helping to keep heating bills low
  • It is an ‘invisible’ heating system that frees up wall space – perfect for open plan living
  • It creates a comfortable living environment – warmth rises gently from the entire floor surface to create the perfect heating profile


*Headline statistics are taken from independent research commissioned by PolyPipe and conducted by One Poll who surveyed 1020 UK-based respondents who have purchased a home in the last three years or will be looking to buy in the next 24 months.