During the course of the year BEAMA Underfloor will be producing a number of new guides. Currently there is a lot of guidance on UFH from many directions including BRE, CIBSE, BSRIA, European standards, and a multitude of manufacturers data.

BEAMA Underfloor’s remit from its members is to ensure we provide homeowners, specifiers, users, designers and installers with accurate, up-to-date, unbiased clear advice, with reference projects and case studies. Follow us on Twitter to receive updates when they are published.

Underfloor Heating -Thin Systems (September)

Thin systems, as the name suggests, have a much lower profile than pipe-in-screed  underfloor heating, and react a lot faster. Their ability to be easily installed on solid floors, floating floors or joisted floors, is making them extremely popular. But such popularity leads to copycat imitations, often with sub-standard materials being used, which can fail to perform. This has been a concern for BEAMA Underfloor members. This guide will help you decide which system is right for your project, and will arm you with the facts.

Underfloor Heating -Floor coverings (October)

“Can UFH be used with Carpets?”, “What about wood floors?”, “It’s only suitable for tiles!” These common questions and misconceptions will be put to rest in this informative guide. Simply, UFH can be used with virtually all floor coverings, and this guide will take you through the factors BEAMA Underfloor members consider when supplying systems, and guide you on the expected performance.

Underfloor Heating -Heat sources (October)

“Can I use a boiler?” “What about heat pumps?” “Can solar thermal be used?”. This impartial guide will give the low down on heat sources for underfloor heating, the impact of flow temperatures on efficiency, and the design considerations BEAMA Underfloor members take into account. Don’t be misled by popular rumour and misconception: this guide will help you get an efficient heating system.

Underfloor Heating -Controls (January)

“Why do I have a thermostat in each room?”, “Will UFH work with my existing controls?” “Why do I need controls?”. This independent BEAMA Underfloor guide, written in collaboration with BEAMA Controls, explains how to get the most out of any heating system, planning for efficiency and comfort from the outset. This guide describes the types of controls needed, how they operate, and options when incorporating them.  There is a revolution happening in this area too with the digitalisation and merging of heating and communication technologies, the guide will cover what new systems can do in a UFH system.

If you would like information on any of these topics in advance of publication please contact Alex Goodwin: or you can contact one of the BEAMA Underfloor members by clicking here