“The UK has ambitious plans to de-carbonise the energy system by 2050 with specific focus on transforming our ageing electricity transmission and distribution infrastructure into a modern low carbon smart system. BEAMA is leading industry work with Government and the regulator to develop policies that can deliver the platform for our future electricity system. In the regulated price control period period up to 2023 and beyond we will be working with Network Operators to help them deliver against their RIIO objectives and lay the foundations for further investment in new T&D infrastructure up to 2030 and beyond to the ultimate 2050 goal.”

Anthony Bivens - Head of Networks

Interested in Membership?

If you would like to find out more information about the Networks sector and how to join one of the product groups download our membership brochure here, or if you would prefer to  speak to someone about membership please contact Anthony Bivens Head of Networks email: Anthony.Bivens@beama.org.uk



The Networks sector covers manufacturers and providers of products for the Transmission & Distribution sector, including transformers, switchgear, network protection, automation, communications in addition to storage, smart grid, DSO and cybersecurity. Networks also covers related products and technology used in the commercial, industrial, renewables and oil and gas sectors.

BEAMA provides both proactive and reactive activities as agreed with members in the annual work programme. This includes technical services, policy development and engagement, publication of Industry reports and technical guidance, engagement with key industry stakeholders and full engagement with all relevant BSI Standardisation Committees at a technical level.

Annual strategy, work programme, development, critique, ownership and oversight is provided by the Networks Senior Strategy Committee (SSC). Members of BEAMA Networks have one seat each on the SSC which provides strategic direction to BEAMA staff on relevant Networks Portfolio issues/initiatives and serves as a conduit for two-way information flow between the BEAMA Board and the Networks Portfolio membership.

In addition members of BEAMA networks will get free access to BEAMA’s Energy Systems Strategy Forum (ESSF) which has been established to provide thought leadership for other BEAMA groups on the role of technology in the transformation of the GB energy systems.