Smart Energy GB Lifestyle Service Company Report Hits The Right Note

12 Mar 2018

Smart Energy GB Lifestyle Service Company Report Hits The Right Note

Smart Energy GB's new 'Lifestyle Service Company' report has been welcomed by BEAMA as a highly relevant supplement to its own recent Electrification by Design publication.

Based on a sample of 1500 consumers, the report concludes:

  • Half of those surveyed found the idea of buying energy as part of a lifestyle package appealing (impressive bearing in mind this is in something of a void of offers at any significant scale)
  • Only 20% of those surveyed found the idea unappealing
  • Anticipated cost savings are appealing as is ease of bill management
  • Those who were indifferent want to understand more about how it will work, and any cost implications (again bear in mind this is not surprising given the voiod of offers)
  • Around half would be interested in buying energy as part of a package from broadband providers or supermarkets

Naturally there are variances across respondent demographics and some concerns over having 'all their eggs in one basket', but the report is highly encouraging at a time when the model for engaging consumers is in desparate need of an overhaul.

Speaking on behalf of BEAMA, Deputy CEO Kelly Butler said "This report is completely in line with our own views of how the new multi-vector market will develop, as we see energy bundled into service propositions rather than units, probably built around new technology ownership models for critical services such as heating.  When I first joined BEAMA some 13 years ago I predicted that our energy market would eventually go the same way as the telecommunications and entertainment sectors, and we are already seeing evidence of new models for consumer engagement.  The challenge now is for technology manufacturers to define their role in this changing world so they can participate at a level that supports their efforts in driving innovation and quality".

BEAMA will be hosting a Spring Conference on 26th April entitled Building An Energy Market Around The Consumer.  The Conference is by invitation only and will build on the key themes of Clean Growth, the rise of the energy services market, consumer finance and the regionlisation of energy strategy.