BEAMA support the launch of the EURIS European Network to deliver the best outcome for Brexit.

14 May 2018

BEAMA support the launch of the EURIS European Network to deliver the best outcome for Brexit

BEAMA is a co-founder of the EURIS Task Force,  a collective group of UK trade associations representing 25% of UK imports and exports.  We are very pleased with the recent outcome of a European summit hosted by EURIS, which has led to the launch of the EURIS European Network. This will form an advisory body for the potential impacts of the changing relationship between the UK and EU. The Network will be offering real solutions to the challenges presented by Brexit for the sector as well as ideas on how to maximise the opportunities.  The Summit was the first of hopefully a series of events that can help bring industry together and provide a productive platform for us to collaborate.

BEAMA’s CEO Dr Howard Porter,  and Chair of the EURIS Task Force,  stated that ‘we hope the first meeting of the EURIS European Network will take place with our EU trade association colleagues this summer, and start getting into the detail of specific trade implications for the manufacturing industry in the UK and the other member states.  This is a major step forward bringing together a significant proportion of manufactures across Europe which represents a major proportion of UK imports and exports. This demonstrates industry’s ambition to work collaboratively and ensure the best outcome from Brexit, limiting any major trade barriers and ensuring the flow of goods and services can be maintained for our sector. We are grateful to all the other trade associations now working with us, and UK government for their collaborative approach to working with Industry as we take this forward

For more information about EURIS and the outcomes of the European Summit please visit the EURIS website