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Metsec plc is the UK’s largest specialist cold roll forming company, providing structural steel components for the UK construction and manufacturing industries.
Today, Metsec are part of the Profilform Division of voestalpine – the world’s largest manufacturer of cold roll formed section.
We focus on adding value through expert design, precision manufacturing and on-time, in full product delivery. Our aim is to provide excellent service and quality products that offer our customers cost effective solutions.

Cable Management Division:

Metsec cable management systems include: cable ladder, cable tray, cable trunking for distribution and lighting, as well as a comprehensive metal framing system that includes rapid installation components that can save upto 50% of installation time on site.

Cable Ladder Systems-

Metsec cable ladder systems are widely accepted due to their strength to weight ratio and simplicity of design. The system can be easily installed and is accompanied by a comprehensive range of accessories.

Metsec product image 1 2013

Cable Tray Systems-

Metsec cable tray systems have been designed after considerable consultation with end users and installers to arrive at a final design that satisfies all of their requirements. Each cable tray range features a unique slotting pattern in the base and the return flanges have slotted sides.

Metsec product image 2 2013

Cable Trunking Systems-

Metsec cable trunking systems are available as standard distribution trunking and also as lighting trunking. Manufactured using state of the art computer controlled equipment with a high level of automation, Metsec cable trunking is of economic design to provide competitive solutions.

Metsec product image 3 2013

Metal Framing Systems-

Metsec offers traditional channel systems in a variety of profiles and gauges with a large range of fittings and fasteners. The fully tested system can be reliably used for a wide application base for the support of mechanical and electrical services.

A Rapid Installation version is also available with a unique channel profile and pre-assembled fittings with integral fixings. By using this product range, installations times are drastically reduced.

Metsec product image 4 2013

Pre Fabrication service-

Metsec cable management division offers a comprehensive pre fabrication service ranging from simple cut lengths of channel to pre-fabricated brackets and frames. Pre fabrication off site allows the work to be produced to high factory tolerances with little to no waste, leaving sites un-cluttered and an altogether safer working environment.

Metsec product image 5 2013