Ubbink (U.K.) Limited

Unit 2, Redbourne Park, Lilliput Road, Brackmill Industrial Estate, Northampton, NN4 7DT

  • Ubiflux

Ubbink (UK) Ltd is part of Ubbink/Centrotherm, listed as part of the Centrotec Sustainable AG group, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of solutions for building, with a 30 year track record.

Ubbink manufactures a comprehensive range of advanced building services and building products. These include Heat Recovery Ventilation systems, solar thermal systems, construction ventilation products and our well established Ubiflex non - lead flashing.

Advanced technology and innovative design ensure that our products bring real environmental and economic benefits to both residential and commercial properties. Ease of installation is a key consideration during the product development process, while quality materials and rigorous manufacturing standards guarantee their durability.

Ubbink is committed to sustainability. Not only are our products designed to provide solutions which are environmentally friendly and energy efficient, but we are focused on reducing the environmental impact of every part of our business. We select our materials meticulously; employ energy efficient manufacturing processes and work to reduce waste and carbon emissions.