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he names of Whipp & Bourne, Brust and South Wales Switchgear are synonymous with circuit breaker technology aroiund the globe.  

All companies have histories which can be traced back over 125 years and its a background which cannot be ignored even though the demands of today's industrial and power distribution sectors are vastly different and more complex.

Today they form part of Hawker Siddeley Switchgear Ltd. - itself a part of Melrose plc.

As a major national and international manufacturer of a range of distribution switchgear, Hawker Siddeley Switchgear Ltd. serves not only electrical utilities worldwide but also a vast array of industrial and transit sectors where the need for safe and reliable power supplies is paramount.

With a highly-skilled workforce and manufacturing facilities both in the UK and Australia, a technology centre based in the UK and sales offices arouind the globe, we have maintained a global reach - building on a clear and unrivalled reputation for innovation.  

The success of the original companies was rooted in an ability to pioneer ground-breaking technologies, introducing state of the art developments which still lead the way in the switchgear sector.

Hawker Siddeley Switchgear Ltd. remains committed to innovation, striving to provide what our customers could have - not just what they want.




The Eclipse is designed to provide a lifetime of unrivalled service, bringing together one of the most advanced operating mechanisms available on the market today - the award-winning magnetic actuator technology, with vacuum interruption and the simplicity of air insulation in a compact, fixed pattern design.  Appreciated throughout the distribution network and across every business sector, the Eclipse currently holds a dominant market position for 11kV indoor switchgear.  

The Eclipse, which is newly certified to IEC62271, is also now available as a pre-engineered solution in ratings up to 25kA, 2000A.  Alternatively, it can be fully-engineered to meet exact customer's needs.



The father of modern switchgear, Hawker Siddeley Switchgear's world-renowned GVR Recloser was the first in a range of equipment utilising one of the most advanced operating mechanisms available on the market today - Hawker Siddeley Switchgear's 'Fit & Forget Technology, featuring the award-winning magnetic actuator.

The GVR provides 'intelligent control' and protection on power distribution networks, whilst offering a lifetime of trouble-free service.  

Horizon Compact


A substation frame, stand or pole-mounted vacuum circuit breaker with SF6 insulation in a self-contained package, the Horizon Compact expands our Horizon family of products. Featuring the most advanced operating mechanism available on the market today - the award-winning magnetic actuator technology, the Horizon Compact offers unrivalled reliability, protection and enviornmental endurance for outdoor circuit breakers.  

Designed for a 15kV or 27kV application, the Horizon Compact can be used with other products from Hawker Siddeley Switchgear to provide cost-effective and compact substations or breathe new life into existing substations by replacing old and obsolete equipment.  

Lightning DC


Hawker Siddeley Switchear Ltd's Lightning product, incorporating the high speed NDC Circuit Breaker, is the latest addition to our 'Fit & Forget' range of switchgear products.  Utilising our proven technologies with the award-winning, patented magnetic actuator technology, the Lightning provides an innovative DC Switchgear solution for a variety of markets and demanding applications.  

Combining innovation with 80 years of DC design and manufacturing experience, the Lightning offers optimal safety, reliability adn high speed performance - the ideal solutino to your DC requirements.



Our 25kV single phase vacuum switchgear is installed on many railway networks throughout the world for railway electrification, meeting the high fault levels and current ratings for international railway systems.

Based on 1100mm wide modular units, the V-Mag 25 is arranged with a high voltage compartment enclosing busbars, vacuum circuit breaker and potential transformer together with a control aisle and annexe to accommodate supervisory control equipment, batter and auxiliary equiipment.

Each circuit breaker comprises a single vacuum interrupter mounted on a post insulator, which also supports the operating mechanism.  The circuit breaker module is removable, complete with mechanism from its service location.